About us

NewSound Enterprise & Musical Instrument Mfg, Co., Ltd.

New Sound Enterprise Inc. was established in 1951 as a workshop for snare drum and jazz drum manufacture at the early stages. At that time, agricultrue was the major industry during economic dullness, no muscial instrument or correlant industry was supported by and national property guidance organization.

The founder, Mr. Rong Bin Chang, who ambitiously took shape the musical instrument business only with simple tools and crude motors, guiding Taiwan musical instrument industry and Nes Sound Enterprise to flourishing under no condition of economic foundation and advanced manufacture equipment. Undergoing the market variableness though, New Sound's musical instruments very impressed the veterans from global academia and showbiz.

To satisfy the requirements from all cirles, New Sound successively presents a series of quality items to sustomers. For those who are looking for premium musical instrument, New Sound has set up this internet site to accelerate the service. Since the company is expection to unceasingly improve itself, your inquiry and comment is very essential to its growth. Please don't keep yourself from e-mailling or faxing us.